Burial Options

Modern trends are changing how we bury the dead.

A Changing World

We live in an era where the funeral rites of our ancestors are being gradually changed on a yearly basis by a modern world. What was once considered a fairly common practice, burying a person in a simple wooden casket following a peaceful funeral ceremony, has given way. Today there are a number of choices when it comes to the type of burial you might want and what you will be buried in as well.

Metal Caskets

While most of us consider wood to be the natural material for a casket or coffin, there is one problem with it. Wooden coffins can disintegrate rather quickly. If the family plans to place the coffin underground in a burial vault, then they may want something a little more sturdier. Copper and bronze caskets have become popular for this type of burial. They look beautiful, hold us for decades longer and can be custom produced.


Another option that has become more popular these days is to skip the burial altogether and be cremated. While the idea of a traditional family plot at a cemetery may appeal for many, it has become expensive and just not practical anymore. With cremation, it allows the ashes to be buried (in a much smaller space), scattered on land or at sea, or taken away privately and stored in a funeral urn.

Natural Burial

Just as some families want everyone who passes to be placed in a burial vault together, other families are opting for a natural setting. By burying a person in a simple wooden coffin and placing them in a natural park-like setting, they can once again be one with nature. For some this is the best solution of all because it doesn’t rely on expensive cemetery plots or require embalming and other services.

Finding Burial Solutions

Whatever your loved one has chosen, there is a solution for them. From preserving the body and keeping it in a metal coffin for centuries, to scattering their ashes on their favorite place, you should plan for it well in advance to avoid confusion and emotional stress during the grieving process. Today, there is a wide array of options for each of the above solutions so plan as early as possible.